Our Core Values

Defense Unicorns operates with a single belief - that a value not lived is not a value at all. Our team exercises habits every day that bring our values to life.

Experiment with everything

Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same thing expecting different results. Henry Ford said failures were merely an opportunity to intelligently begin again. We inform our operations by experiments, applying a build-measure-learn feedback loop in all we do.

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Default to action

Don’t wait for approval. Don’t get lost in “requirements analysis.” Take action, experiment, and correct.

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We value insights

We give and receive direct feedback. We’re committed to delivering actionable insights that allow us to improve personally, professionally, and as a team. The feedback we give is respectful, timely, and thoughtful.

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Apply focused learning

By focusing our attention on the learning most closely tied to desired results, we maximize our growth.

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Employ positive thinking

Positive thinking is a practice and a skill. We acknowledge challenges and focus our energy on the vast potential that lies on the other side of solving them.

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