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Package and deploy to air gapped systems

Consistently deploys the same capabilities for highly distributable systems

Provides SBOM Support

Works while connected too!

zarf zarf-platform

Use Zarf To

Securely Package Apps and Resources

Provides the ability to package a chunk of the internet and then securely deliver all of the files and dependencies needed to run an application in a disconnected environment.

Deploy Cloud Apps While Disconnected

Provides the ability to deploy apps declaratively and without internet connectivity. Opening up the door for modern cloud capabilities to be deployed in disconnected environments.

Easily Maintain Apps While Disconnected

Zarf reduces the skill & resources needed to manage and update applications in disconnected environments, ensuring no down time or data loss when updating software.

LeapfrogAI - Generative AI for National Security


ChatGPT type capabilities for secure, local, air gapped systems

Generative AI leveraging your data

Local deployments, not internet required

Works on ships, tanks, planes, on-prem and in the cloud

Use LeapfrogAI for

Generative AI for Air Gapped Systems

LeapfrogAI mirrors OpenAI and Hugging Face API surface so secure and disconnected environments can have a ChatGPT like experience while fully disconnected from the internet.

Vector Databases & Embedding Creation

LeapfrogAI has efficient similarity searches on large scale databases and generative embeddings which can be used for semantic similarity, clustering and more.

Fine Tune Custom Models

LeapfrogAI has the ability to leverage customer specific data to fine-tune models that enable the AI to better understand your domain and provide more accurate contextual outputs.

Pepr - Kubernetes Middleware for Systems Integration

Automatically integrate your COTS or GOTS application

Reduce human in the loop IT Ops checklists

IT domain expertise as code so your mission system survives changeovers

Makes systems of systems integration easy

pepr pepr-platform

Use Pepr To

Create Robust Policy Engines

Codify security policy into corrective Pepr modules that can identify and remediate risk through automatically enforcing K8s best practices.

Seamlessly Connect Applications

Automate the integration of mission capabilities into complex systems with Pepr modules that are reusable across multiple systems.

Automate K8 Scripts

Remove the need for human intervention when issues arise in the cluster or application, by using Pepr modules to remediate the event.

Lula - Kubernetes Compliance Engine

lula lula-platform

Turn your configuration into NIST control verification

Automate SCA and AO enforcement

Accelerate your ATO timelines

Turn compliance as spreadsheet into Compliance as code

Use Lula for

generate controls from config

NIST OSCAL native by design means your data is independent and not locked into any proprietary format

Validate Controls in runtime

Automate the validation of control assessment by comparing the required configuration against the current configuration of your live environment

Automate Your ATOs

Continuously collect and validate your control assessments to detect drift and better secure your systems

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