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Artificial Intelligence For National Security

Artificial Intelligence for National Security is a suite of generative AI capabilities to accelerate the understanding of complex mission data and enable decision advantage.

What Will AI For National Security Do For Your Mission

Simplify Complex Information

Use state-of-the-art generative AI models to ingest information from various media sources, including text, audio, and video files. Transcribe recordings into full-length text transcripts, and summarize those transcripts into short and easily digestible summaries. AI For National Security can also translate content from most major spoken and written languages into English.

Extract Insights Fast

Stop searching for needles in the information haystack. Simply ask questions using an AI chatbot (or mission-specific interface) to get rapid and relevant answers with your mission data through Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Generate Structured Reports

Dictate how to present AI-generated insights to best inform stakeholders. Synthesize vast amounts of data into the right reporting formats to streamline your decision-making process.

Cut the Cord - Take AI Anywhere

Unlike major AI services that reside in the cloud, AI For National Security runs in your environment and can deploy anywhere - no internet connection required. AI For National Security is built for portability, so it can be used in classified and air-gapped environments, including cloud, on-prem, and edge.


What Will AI For National Security Do For
Your Mission

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Data Independence

Maintain full ownership of your mission environment. AI For National Security eliminates the need to transfer sensitive data to third-party service providers, so it remains safely under your control.

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Fit any mission environment. AI For National Security can scale up to leverage enormous GPU resources in the cloud or scale down to run on CPU-only, laptop-grade hardware at the tactical edge.

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Mission Integration

Tailor the AI capabilities to support your specific mission requirements AI For National Security is built on an open platform that enables you to customize model parameters, training data, and more.

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