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LeapfrogAI at the pond

Secure & Generative AI Capabilities

Advanced AI capabilities available on the open internet in your air-gapped system.

*Previously AI For National Security

Extract Insights Fast

Extract Insights Fast

Cut The Cord

Cut the Cord Take AI Anywhere

Simplifying Information

Simplify Complex Information

Generative AI Features

LeapfrogAI's suite of generative AI capabilities accelerates the understanding of complex mission data to enable decision advantage.

“Chat With Your Docs” to retrieve information with context-aware AI responses to queries

chat with docs

Translate and Transcribe audio recordings from many common languages into English text

translate and transcribe

Summarize large amounts of information into concise formats for rapid consumption


Assist Software Developers with AI-powered code generation and debugging capabilities

dev assistance

Intuitive User Interface

Harness a familiar and intuitive interface design with chat history and dynamic chat interactions. Plus, create and manage customizable assistants, providing unique and focused responses.

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Bring AI to Your Mission With

LeapfrogAI on our Unicorn Delivery Service platform harnesses advanced generative AI to process diverse media, providing summarized, transcribed, and translated content. Tailored for secure environments, the platform operates independently of the cloud, ensuring deployment in classified and air-gapped settings.

Data Independence

Maintain full ownership of your mission environment. LeapfrogAI eliminates the need to transfer sensitive data to third-party service providers, so it remains safely under your control.


Fit any mission environment. LeapfrogAI can scale up to leverage enormous GPU resources in the cloud or scale down to run on CPU-only, laptop-grade hardware at the tactical edge.

Mission Integration

Tailor the AI capabilities to support your specific mission requirements. LeapfrogAI is built on an open platform that enables you to customize model parameters, training data, and more.

LeapfrogAI In Action

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