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Software Factory For National Security

The Software Factory Capability is a fully portable and pre-configured software development platform that accelerates delivery into any production environment, including cloud-based, on-prem, disconnected, or otherwise egress-limited.

What Can Software Factory Do For Your Mission

Faster Authorization

Software Factory helps you meet most NIST controls by default, reducing compliance overhead. This accelerates the authorization process, enabling you to focus on mission critical tasks.


Deploy Software Factory anywhere and produce application artifacts that are deployable across different environments. This versatility allows you to build on the low side and seamlessly deploy to the high side, enhancing flexibility and mission adaptability.

Data Independence

With Software Factory, you have full ownership of the environment and the data within it. You can extend the solution to meet bespoke mission needs, giving you the freedom to choose your support providers. This competitive approach helps control costs and ensures data sovereignty.


Software Factory offers an open architecture and pipeline templates aligned with supply chain best practices. This flexibility allows you to customize Software Factory to fit your specific mission or application requirements. You can tailor the platform to align with your unique needs and workflows.


Why Choose Software Factory

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Deploy to Any Environment

Rapid deployment of secure CI/CD pipelines that will operate in any environment, making it the ideal choice for disconnected or egress-limited systems.

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Secure and Automated

The integration of these tools ensures that every stage of the software delivery pipeline becomes an automated safeguard, ensuring that code and applications are ready for secure deployment in production environments.

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Powered by Open-source

'Powered by Defense Unicorns' open-source projects, Software Factory removes the complexity associated with configuration and integration.

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