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Your App Your Environment

Your App Your Environment is our most flexible offering that delivers your requested cloud-native application, needed by your mission operators for success, into your environment.

What Will Your App Your Environment Do For

Your Mission

Accelerate Authorization

Leverage Defense Unicorns' recommended DevSecOps Reference Guide compliant architecture to integrate your app with a secure baseline that comes with documented NIST 800-53 controls.

Mission Ownership

Your App Your Environment empowers you to maintain ownership of your application, preventing reliance on vendor-locked solutions.

Deploy Anywhere

Package and deploy applications in a way that can be used across multiple environments including air gap, cloud, on-prem, and edge.


Why Choose Your App Your Environment

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Your App Your Environment delivers your mission application into a secure cloud-hosted environment, onto bare-metal hardware, or to multiple different environments.

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Secure by Default

Service mesh, observability, logging, monitoring, Mutual Transport Layer Security (mTLS) - provided by Defense Unicorns' configuration of Big Bang.

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Powered by Open-source

Your App Your Environment allows your application to run in your environment on open-source technology. No proprietary knowledge here, holding your mission hostage.

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